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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Back To The Lab...

We have one more show in the diary, then after that we'll be heading back to the studio to work on various bits and pieces of new material.  We have around eight tracks in various stages of readiness - here's a look at some of them:

'Homeless' - This is basically 'broken' disco music.  We've been playing it live for a little while, and it seems to go down well.  We expect to release it at some point.

'Cold Hands' - A sort of desolate-sounding epic (it's currently seven minutes long, but we'll probably chop it down a bit...) pop song.  It's quite slow, and sounds like the bastard child of 'Vienna' by Ultravox and 'Atmosphere' by Joy Division.  It's very electronic, as is most of the new material.

'FIBUA' - Richard Wagner-meets-Giorgio Moroder.  It's about hooliganism.

'Black Cloud' - Has an almost North Indian feel to it, due to the use of drones.  Sort of psychedelic, but also doomy.  It actually sounds a little like Oasis, but relevant.

'Stand Up' - Again, quite doomy.  Fractured sounding.  Intense vibe.  Reminds me of 'Cracker' or 'Prime Suspect'. 

'Bovine' - Fuck knows.  Doesn't sound like anything I've heard.  That said, it DOES contain some of my favourite lyrics that I've ever written.

Some or all of them might make it to our next record.  There's other stuff, too.

Ryan x

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